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Simulation software for reconfigurable mask production machines

App related to Digital Twins Simulation Simulation-based Optimization in the context of Manufacturing Misc.

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COVID- pandemic caused disruptions in supply chains due to the unprecedented demand for personal protective equipment that required a rapid response and production at short notice. In most European countries, government-imposed orders to wear face masks very quickly became a proven and simple way to prevent the virus spread and protect citizens. To provide a solution for the abovementioned issue, the development of a high-capacity solution based on DEMCON’s modular face masks machine was performed.

The simulation software offered enables users to fine-tune the properties of a modular face mask machine in order to achieve high production output.

Use Case:

Simulate the production of face masks using DEMCON's modular face mask machine.


In order to access the simulation software, a remote desktop client is needed. There are no other dependencies.