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cloudSME is located in Duisburg (Germany)

We facilitate digital transformation through the resource-efficient deployment of PaaS & SaaS platforms (cloud providers, HPC centres and in-house computing resources).

Our multi cloud technologies make software delivery, management, users, compute resources and costs more manageable. This flexible approach allows us to work with our clients to find the right tools and experts for them to facilitate their digital transformation journey. All consulting, technology and service offerings of cloudSME are based on close cooperation with SMEs, universities, as well as institutions from Europe. Depending on the use case and customers’ preference, white label or public platform solutions are pursued.

In the year 2016, the company cloudSME emerged from the successful research and innovation project of the same name and has been based in Duisburg since then. Based on our many years of experience and collaboration in European innovation projects such as Project COLA, CloudiFacturing, and DIGITbrain, our clients and partner benefit from a lively network of manufacturing end users, software providers and technology experts. We provide transparent advice and support driven by sustainable relationships with European innovators and companies that focus on solving specific business problems. Off-the-shelve solutions, dynamic infrastructures, software development and other solutions of stunning European innovators. Get some extra power and back your team with our network of science and industries experts from Europe.

cloudSME is the emGORA workspace operator, means cloudSME is responsible for all commercial operations.