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IGD CAxCloud

CAx Process in the Cloud. Web-Application to process, simulate and visualize CAD Geometry.

App related to Additive Manufacturing Simulation Working on ews in the context of Automotive Manufacturing Construction Industry

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IGD CAxCloud is a web-based application to provide a tool for the prepration, simulation and analysis of CAD parts and components in the Cloud. Therefore, it allows to view the CAD Geometry as well as enhance the CAD Geometry with information necessary to perform FEM Simulations. Additionally, one can inspect the results of the simulation in an interactive web-based viewer.  

The application has the following functionality:

  • Load and visualise a number of various CAD-File-Formats. 
  • Prepare the Geometry for simulation by applying different Boundary Conditions through an interactive 3D-Visualisation
  • Simulate the project and inspect the simulation results through an interactive visualisation. 

The application is currently in development and for demonstration purposes only. It is not ready for use in production environments (TRL: 3-4)

For further information feel free to contact us through the platform. 

Use Case:

As an Engineer you usually design a component or part in some CAD-Software and want to further analyse the structure of the part through simulation tools. 

Here you are then able to use our cloud-based software to view and analyse your part. The supported use-cases are as follows:

  • Upload and visualise a range of different CAD-File-Formats (3MF, Step, CATIA, SolidWorks, and many more). 
  • Apply Boundary Conditions to the CAD-Geometry and prepare for simulation
  • Simulate the project: Different cloud-services are in place to mesh the geomtery and afterwards simulate it with our own FEM simulation software
  • Visualise and inspect the simulation results. 

For a demonstation of the capabilitites of the tool, please refert to the manual. 


Additional Information
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