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Software Provider Guide

Learn the execution mechanisms and deployment options of your application

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This course will guide workspace partners through the process of offering software tools on the emGORA workspace marketplace. The lectures are focusing on the provision of apps via different execution engines, like the CloudBroker Platform (CBP). The execution via CBP is well suited for to offer Linux- and Windows-based software, as well as batch job processing1.

emGORA workspace provides three different execution engines (EE):

1. Cloud Broker EE: VMs (WIN & LIN); and batch job processing (Input/Output)

2. MiCADO EE: Scaling Container & VM cluster with high performant Kubernetes-Software package. (Guide coming soon!)

3. Flowbster: Set up workflows and create homogenous experiences for software users. (Guide coming soon!)

1Batch job, system-related tasks are automatically processed in the background and largely without user intervention (I/O approach).

Target Audience:

Partner on emGORA workspace


- basic instance configuration knowledge

- hold an emGORA workspace provider status

Language: English

Access to CloudBroker Developer Platform

To deploy apps and offer those via the marketplace, access to the CloudBroker Developer Platform (CBP) is required. On the CBP, the environment is prepared, and the software is deployed on the required OS.

Next to different the Execution Engines, CBP manages various different Cloud Resource Providers, like Azure, AWS, gridscale, as well as various OS, Linux and Windows in different versions... Cloud Computing Resources, available CPU, RAM (...) can be adapted and extended, if this is required for optimal performance or due to personal preferences.      

Software Execution Engines

This course module will introduce available execution engines (EEs) and outlines important requirements as well as boundaries of those. 

Offer Apps on the Marketplace

Each EE comes with different requirements - Learn how to describe and define different apps based on the leveraged EE.