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We offer two memberships: User membership & Provider membership

1) User Membership

Registered users can access:

a) Marketplace: instant-executable service licences of various providers 

b) Community: become visible in the community, start sharing, inform experts on your challenges & be accessible for pan-European networking  

User membership includes:

Personal User Account

Organisation Account (= "Legal Entity")

What are the user membership costs?

There are no monthly memberships fees. Each service is offered as pay-per-use.
Costs incurred are invoiced in a monthly billing cycle (consumption only, no hidden costs!).

2) Provider Membership

Registered providers can access:

a) Marketplace: Publish new services via the provider dashboard (only available to validated users!)

b) Community: gain more visibility & reach for your expertise & skills, share insights, moderate discussion panels, win matches

Provider membership includes:

Personal User Accounts

Organisation Account (= "Legal Entity")

What are the provider membership costs?

There are no monthly memberships fees. Service sets are subject to fees, e.g. apps cost €149 per month.

To create an account on emGORA workspace, go to the main menu "Account" and click on "Log In". 

To register a new account, click on the blue link "Register" below the login form; you will be redirected to the registration form. 

The following information is required to register a new user account: 

- First Name 
- Last Name
- Email
- Username
- Password
- P
assword Confirmation 

As soon as you have filled out the form, click on "Register" to complete the registration form. 
Afterwards, you will receive a verification mail to verify your registration and mail address.

The verification link in the mail is only valid for 15 minutes! If you did not verify on time, please sign up with your credentials and click "Resend verification mail".  

FAQ image

Please check your spam and junk folders. 

Ispam and junk are empty, please contact your IT administrator or email provider.
Verification mails might have been blocked by your service provider.

If you still do not receive mail, please try another mail address.   

Legal entities represent an organisation or a company on emGORA. 
Each active user account belongs to a specific legal entity and acts on their behalf.

Users without an affiliation to a certain legal entity cannot be activated.

As soon as you and your legal entity is validated, you are enabled to request the upgrade to an ews provider membership. An ews provider membership allows you to offer (free and paid) software tools, trainings, and consulting to other ews members. Offers will not be publicly accessible, only validated users can consume. To request the provider upgrade, log in to ews and click on “Account” and click on “Settings”. A new sub-menu will appear with “My Profile”, “My Legal Entity”, and “My Account”. Click on “My Legal Entity” and click on the button “Manage”, below the non-public information you can request the provider upgrade by hitting the button “Request Provider Approval”. Afterwards, you will be asked to confirm your request. As soon as you confirmed the request, the operator will be notified to validate your membership upgrade within the validation process the operator will get in touch with you to clarify further details. At this moment, you can decide to go for a monthly payment or a yearly payment with reduced membership fee (compared to monthly subscription payment). An ews provider membership is free of charge. For each service, we apply a fee of €10.00 up to €149.00. Further, ews provider memberships allow offering training and consulting services on the ews Marketplace. FAQ image

You have two options: The first option is to request the affiliation to an existing legal entity. To find your legal entity, log in to emGORA workspace and go to “Account” in the main menu and click on “Settings”. A new sub-menu will appear with “My Profile”, “My Legal Entity”, and “My Account”. Click on “My Legal Entity” and on the legal entity page, hit “Find Legal Entity”. You will be forwarded and on the new page, you are asked to provide the name of the legal entity you are looking for. Even a few letters/fractions of the legal entity name can be used to find it. Hit “Find” and pick the legal entity you want to be affiliated with – you will see an overview on the legal entity and its members. If it is the one you are looking for, click on the button “Send Affiliation Request” and the admins of the legal entity will be notified on the new affiliation request. The second option is to be added to an existing legal entity by the admins of it. Please get in touch with the responsible person in your company and request to get affiliated to the legal entity. The legal entity admin will require your username to find you on ews. (If you do not know how, please move to the related Q&A "How can I add users to my legal entity?"). FAQ image

To create and register an organisation on ews you need to sign up with a personal account first. After you are logged in, go to “Account” in the main menu and click on “Settings”. A new sub-menu will appear with “My Profile”, “My Legal Entity”, and “My Account”. Click on “My Legal Entity” and click on “Create Legal Entity”, you will be redirected to a new page to create your legal entity on ews. The next step is to provide all requested information in the form; this includes: - Name - Description - Logo - Cover Image - Techniques - Sectors - Website - Address (Street, Postal Code, Town & Country) - Phone number - VAT ID number Complete the legal entity creation by hitting the button “Create”. The operator will be notified to start the validation process for the created legal entity. To do so, the operator will get in touch with you to start the validation process of your created legal entity. Once the legal entity profile has been properly filled and proof of commercial activity has been provided to the operator, the legal entity may use ews to its full extent. As you log in to ews and your legal entity is not validated yet, ews will show you the following message: "The legal entity – [Legal Entity Name] - is not validated". NOTE: The operator of ews reserves the right to reject legal entities. FAQ image

Legal entity admins can affiliate ews user accounts by adding them to the legal entity account. Log in to your admin account and start navigating to “Account” in the main menu and clicking on “Settings”. A new sub-menu will appear with “My Profile”, “My Legal Entity”, and “My Account”. Now click on “My Legal Entity” and hit the button “Manage”. Below the non-public information, hit the button “Find Users” and enter the full username. You are only able to add users without existing affiliation. Make sure you got the right one, if you only enter a piece of the username or make a spelling mistake, you won’t find the user you are looking for (user's privacy protection). If the user you would like to add is already affiliated with a legal entity, you will receive the error message “The User with the username [username] already has an affiliation”. The affiliation with the previous legal entity must be terminated by its admins before the user can be assigned to a new legal entity. FAQ image

Yes, the affiliation to a legal entity is required. emGORA workspace is a B2B ecosystem, users without affiliation can view content and offerings but cannot interact, share, or consume on ews.