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Apache Camel data integration microservice

Microservice related to Data Processing in the context of Manufacturing Misc.

Provided by SZTAKI - Institute for Computer Science and Control 9 months ago (last modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago); viewed 165 times and bound 1 time


Apache Camel generic microservice, which can accept and execute route definitions written in YAML or XML Camel DSL. 

Routes must be placed into folder: /routes.

This deployment includes all core components and more than 80 other commonly used Apache Camel components (see:

Classification: Other

Type: Other

Configuration Files
Expected User's Input Parameters

Java options (memory, keystore, etc.)

  • Type: text
  • Mandatory: No
Container Deployment Information
  • Format: docker-compose
  • GUI Microservice: No
  • Workload type: service
  • Opened ports: