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Empowering Research to Drive Manufacturing Transformation

We are excited to welcome you to emGORA, a public marketplace in its early stages, aimed at accelerating innovation in the manufacturing engineering sector. Our vision is to create a vivid, interconnected network that unites diverse stakeholders from academia and the economy, fosters collaboration and facilitates growth for all participants.

emGORA supports research projects in disseminating their results and facilitating exploitation. By utilizing emGORA, projects can effectively share their findings with the scientific community, commercial players, and society, as well as take action to use their results for commercial purposes.

Here's how emGORA can support these objectives:

1) Dissemination:

a) Content Sharing
emGORA allows projects to share research findings, white papers, case studies, and other relevant content with its diverse user base, which includes representatives from the scientific community, industry, civil society, and policymakers.

b) Webinars and Workshops
Projects can promote webinars, workshops, and other educational events on the emGORA platform to share insights, knowledge, and research findings with the target audience.

c) Community Panels
Projects can engage in discussions and Q&A sessions with stakeholders through community panels, fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange.

2) Exploitation:

a) Market Exposure
By presenting research-based solutions on emGORA, projects can showcase their innovations to commercial players and other stakeholders, increasing the likelihood of finding customers, partners, and investors for product development and commercialisation.

b) Collaboration Opportunities
emGORA's network of expert partners, Digital Innovation Hubs, and other stakeholders encourages collaborations and co-development efforts, which can significantly accelerate the exploitation of research results.

c) Innovation Support
Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) present on emGORA can offer guidance to projects in assessing market-fit, technology readiness levels, and potential applications, ensuring a smoother transition from research to commercialisation or societal impact.

In summary, emGORA serves as a network platform that enables research projects to disseminate their results effectively and facilitates exploitation through market exposure, collaboration opportunities, and innovation support. By leveraging emGORA's diverse network and resources, projects can ensure their research findings are utilized for commercial purposes, addressing societal challenges, or shaping policy decisions.

As emGORA evolves, we welcome research and innovation projects to join our growing community.

By becoming an early member, you will play a crucial role in shaping the growth of our platform, reap the benefits of a growing network and actively contribute to its development. Together, we can revolutionise the manufacturing technology sector, drive innovation and create lasting, positive impact for businesses and industries around the world.

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