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Difference of Creating & Publishing Assets

The DIGITbrain Solution (red-highlighted area), is now integrated into emGORA and represents a comprehensive ecosystem designed to democratize the adoption of Digital Twins in the manufacturing industry. Through a combination of various assets, it enables manufacturers to create a virtual representation of physical equipment and machinery. This virtual representation, or digital twin, allows for advanced analysis, simulation, and optimization.

In the dynamic landscape of the DIGITbrain Solution, asset providers are furnished with flexible avenues for the creation, management, and distribution of their assets. These assets, which can be Microservices, Algorithms, Models, or MA Pairs, serve as the fundamental blocks for building and refining Digital Twins. 

Depending on their strategic objectives and proprietary concerns, providers can opt for one of two predominant routes, 1) “Private Usage of Assets” as well as 2) “Marketplace Exposure of Assets”.

1) Private Usage of Assets:

In the intricate web of digital solutions, there lies a space for asset providers who prioritize discretion and wish to maintain their innovations within their own boundaries. The DIGITbrain Solution acknowledges this need, offering a path where assets can be developed and used privately, ensuring their proprietary nature remains intact.

Creation & Confidentiality: Asset providers can construct any of the assets, be it Microservices, Algorithms, Models, or MA Pairs, for their internal use. Such assets remain cloistered within their private domain, ensuring proprietary algorithms, data models, and methodologies are safeguarded from external access.

Operational Autonomy: Choosing this avenue grants providers full control over their assets. They can modify, iterate, or decommission them without any obligations towards external stakeholders.

Focused Implementation: Assets tailored for internal consumption can be bespoke, catering precisely to the nuanced needs of the provider, ensuring a tight fit with their operational requisites.

2) Marketplace Exposure of Assets:

For those looking to share their breakthroughs and elevate the collective capabilities of the community, the DIGITbrain Solution presents an expansive marketplace. Here, asset providers can unveil their creations to a wider audience, fostering collaboration, and amplifying the platform's collective prowess.

Publication & Sharing: Asset providers, sensing an opportunity to contribute to the wider ecosystem or capitalise on their innovations, can publish their assets to the DIGITbrain Marketplace. Once in the marketplace, these assets become accessible to other IT and Domain Experts in the community.

Monetisation & Recognition: Exposing assets in the marketplace can open up revenue streams, where providers can monetise their innovative solutions. Additionally, it offers avenues for recognition amongst peers, establishing thought leadership within the community.

Collaborative Synergies: Marketplace exposure fosters collaboration. Assets made available might be used in conjunction with others, leading to the creation of more advanced and integrated solutions. Providers can also receive feedback, leading to iterative improvements.

Summing up

In essence, the DIGITbrain Solution respects the diverse needs of asset providers. Whether looking to maintain proprietary assets in-house or share their innovations with a wider audience, the platform's architecture caters to both, ensuring a balance between confidentiality and collaborative growth.

At emGORA, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation and efficiency in your workspace. We value your partnership and look forward to collaboratively exploring the exciting possibilities that DIGITbrain will bring to your business. Learn which opportunities will be open up for you. Get in touch with us [].

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