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Call for Technology Developers & Experts


emGORA workspace is just at the very beginning. We are looking for ISVs/software vendors, VARs and technology consultancies who want to make their solutions and services available on ews in order to reach a whole new group of potential users! 

As an intermediary B2B platform, we constantly expand offers on ews and aim to enrich the network with new providers. 

Promoting services on ews can expand your reach and companies can become aware of your services, not through some kind of great marketing text, but through a tangibly presented service, which can be experimented with.

If you are looking for new sales channels to conquer the EU market, our workspace is the right place for you!


Register on ews & offer services as pay-per-use to a range of new companies!


- Orientation towards Manufacturing Engineering  

- B2B individual or organization that develops, markets, and sells software solutions

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