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Simovate is located in Ankara (Turkey) and works on solutions related to Additive Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Machine Learning, Simulation, Simulation-based Optimization in the context of Automotive Manufacturing, Education, Manufacturing Misc., Oil & Gas Industry

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Simovate is a company that focuses on digital transformation in the industry. Although it was established on June 2021, it has continued its activities under the umbrella of Simsoft, one of Turkey's leading companies since 2011. Simovate aims to optimize the processes in companies by offering Industry 4.0 solutions and products by benefiting from Simsoft's 15 years of knowledge and experience. As Simovate, we have the ability to develop end-to-end solutions tailored to the changing needs of our customers in the fields of augmented / virtual reality, system integration, internet of things (IoT), big data analysis and machine learning, simulation and digital twin. Our mission is to provide maximum benefit to companies by meeting their requirements with digital applications. In other words, we help institutions to significantly reduce their costs with our flexible structure designed to quickly respond to the needs and expectations of our customers.

About Our Products:

1- Simovate Simulation and Digital Twin: Simovate Simulation, which contains elements of BPMN 2.0, enables us to test processes that are too laborious, risky and costly on digital copy, identify bottlenecks and waste points, and optimize processes by creating the digital twin with dragging and dropping operations. In this way, we foresee possible problems that may occur in the future and eliminate them. In addition to these simulation properties, Simovate Simulation can be also used as a digital twin by taking real-time data from the real environment. Therefore, the users can easily follow and control what happens on the pitch in everywhere.

2- SimoMES: SimoMES, which is an IoT-based manufacturing execution system, enables allowing instant monitoring of factories both from the field and remotely. By using these data, it automatically calculates and illustrates OEE values for each device in the real environment.

3- SimovIN: SimovIN is a cross-platform mobile application that digitizes standard operating procedures (SOP). Due to the properties of SimovIN, the operators can easily follow the tasks that need to be completed step by step to prevent mistakes which are occurred from a lack of knowledge and experience. In addition, the tasks which are completed by the operators can be also pursued by the other employees so that which operator has completed which tasks on which machine on which time can be tracked. This information is reported via an Editor application which converts hand-written or excel file standard operating procedures to digital SOPs and presents details reports about the status of the digital SOPs.

4- SimAI: SimAI is a framework that offers predictive maintenance, scheduling, and demand forecasting solutions where future consumptions are calculated. In this way, we prevent the costs caused by production stoppage and human error.

5- SimovAR: SimovAR, which is an augmented reality application, provides the visualization of Maintenance - Repair and Assembly instructions with 3D models and animations. In this application, the real objects are detected by using image processing techniques and after detecting the positions of the real objects, 3D data of the object and the necessary animation is positioned on the real objects. In this way, the operators can easily see how the instruction should be completed without having any knowledge and experience. Hence, we aim to make the operations error-free and reduce the costs caused by mistakes. In addition to these properties, SimovAR can be also integrated with the IoT devices such as Torque Machines in the real environment. For instance, one of the steps of instruction needs to read 40 Nm from Torque Machines. If the operator does not set 40 Nm on the real Torque Machine, s/he cannot advance to the next step since SimovAR is integrated into the Torque Machine and reads the wrong data from it. The last important property of SimovAR is to support no-code development. SimovAR contains two applications, one is a cross-platform mobile application (it can also work on augmented reality glasses) and the other one is an Editor application. The mobile application has the capability of showing instructions by using 3D data and animation. In the Editor application, the users who do not know anything about computer programming can develop their augmented reality applications which contain Maintenance - Repair and Assembly instructions by dragging and dropping 3D objects and animations.

6- B-Chat: B-Chat, Business Chat, is an augmented reality-based remote support system that enables expert personnel to intervene immediately to problems experienced in the field, even from outside the field.

7- SimoVR: SimoVR is a virtual reality application that allows training on difficult, impossible and costly subjects to be experienced in a virtual environment designed as close to reality. Hence, We aim to create risk-free, cost-free and repeatable training with SimoVR.